Friday, August 7, 2015


Hello All,

We've been making some nice paintings and drawings focusing on simpler shapes like those in Alex Katz's paintings.  I want you to continue in this vein and look for the underlying shapes of the picture and not get caught up in the details of things.  Focus on the color harmony developed in the piece. 
Use pictures or still life to inspire --- or maybe make a painting from the painting you just made? (this is good formula for fine-tuning and adjusting color, shape and the space of a work)

Here is some works of the local painter named Brett X. Gamache, he is working in a manner like we've discussed and give you a different take on how to approach painting with reduced surface detail and invented color harmonies :

Brett X. Gamache

Brett X. Gamache

Brett X. Gamache


See you next week.

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