Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Collage ---- Ahhhh Life's Memories...

Brent Ridge, Untitled (Life's Memories), 2013, 8.5 IN x 11 IN


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

STATICS opens Feburary 5 @ Transmission

STATICS: Sucanne Dery, Ashanti Harris, Ash Reid, Joe Sloan, Urara Tsuchiya


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Andrea Zittel, Fluid Panel State @ Andrea Rosen Gallery, NY

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SIMON CERIGO - I will miss you - R.I.P.

Simon talkn' the next this is that thing he does...

Simon passed away this past Sunday, January 20th, 2013.  He was 60.  Still so young.  I count Simon as a good friend.  We shared many experiences from the active reaches of the New York artworld, where it seems there's always a good party after the one you've already found.  And Simon would always know where it was.

He had great sense of fun, and for example I asked to hang out for the day in Chelsea and take some shows in together.  He said I've got a great idea, you meet me for lunch.  I thought he had some secret dive he wanted to show.  As it turned out he had me meet him at a Rirkrit Tiravanija show where as per the artist's performances, he serves soup to anyone that cares to show up.  What a sense of humor, and daft finder of the free, that's Simon! The show presented 'Untitled 1992 (Free) (re-created 2007)' by Tiravanija at David Zwirner Gallery in 2007.


And there's always that show you and I did together.  It was my first big show, and you made that happen for me, so of course, there's a word of thanks for that.  And I remember how you told me, I saw Simon as I usually did, out at the big opening nights of artshows and he said to me come for a ride.  He had his friend with him, Bernd Nabe  who is known as much for his own personality as the junker convertable that he rides around town.  It was January and the night was unusually balmy as explains the convertable.  We were headed downtown, to another art party and on the West Side Highway is how Simon delivers the news to me of his show that he's putting together with me in it to open in 2 months time.  He had a swell sense of timing.  But what's more, we had some excellent walks and chats and visits and all that.  Some quite bleary-eyed, and us the better for it.

A Cloudy Day's Epiphany show card by Andrew Gunther

Dan Walsh: UnCommon Ground @ RSDI Museum of Art

Dan Walsh, Table,  2010


Under A Hunch

Under a hunch
Artists: G. Küng/Dunja Herzog with Children's Tapes and Terry Fox


Thursday, January 17, 2013

MY OH MY - Infinite Studio Possibilities!

One of these will become a finished Installation next month ---- which one will it be?


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art Exchange 2013 Participants Released Today



Organized by Sharon Butler and Timothy Nolan
CAA’s Services to Artists Committee presents ARTexchange, an open forum for artists to share their work at the 2013 Annual Conference. Free and open to the public, ARTexchange will be held on Friday, February 15, 5:30–7:30 PM, in the East Ballroom Foyer, 3rd Floor. A cash bar will be available.
ARTexchange is an annual event showcasing the art of CAA members, who can exhibit their paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and digital works using the space on, above, and beneath a six-foot folding table. Artists may also construct temporary mini-installations and conduct performance, sound, and spoken-word pieces in their space. In the past, many ARTexchange participants found the event to be their favorite part of the conference, with the table parameter sparking innovative ideas and creative displays.


Charmaine Banach
Monica Bauer
Monique Belitz
Betsy Byers
Sandra Cordero
Billy X. Curmano
Leila Daw
Steve Elliott
Amy Greenan
Erin Hall
Sharon Lacey
Sharon Linnehan  
Tim McDonald
Type Tim McDonald in the search bar
Teresa Miró
Sabrina Milo
Heather Dew Oaksen
Mitch Patrick
Brent Ridge
Karen Sarrow
Fay Stanford
Tanya Ury
Valentina Vella
Amy Vena
Alisha Wessler
Bernadette Witzack
Gesche Würfel


Yes, I am on the list.  MMMmmm HHHHmmm.  Yes.  See U There.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sketchbook - Burning Candle at Both Ends, 2012, Brent Ridge

Brent Ridge, Sketchbook - Burning Candle at Both Ends, 2012


Museum Der Bildenden Kunste - Leipzig

Best aping of the Warhol banana, eh? On the front door of the MDBK, Leipzig

Trak Wendisch,  Gebrannte Kinder, 1989-90

Left to Right paintings by Michael Morgner and Wolfgang Petrovsky

Balthasar Permoser, 'Jupiter' 1705,  Klaus Rinke 'Queen of the Seas' 1986, Balthasar Permoser 'Juno' 1705

Wack juxtaposition of artist's artwork and eras - that's how they do it in Leipzig.

This museum is also home to a large collection of the 'Leipzig School of Painting' in which they show on the 4th floor of the museum.

Neo Rauch

Leader of the so-called 'Leipzig School of Painters'

Tobias Lehner, untitled, 2005

Matthias Weischer

Henriett Gahnert, The Good Die Young or How To Become a Legend, 2010

Ben Willikens, Raum 652, 2010

Hubert Scheibl installed a show at the Museum when I visited called 'Plants & Murders', here is one of the paintings:

Hubert Scheibl,  Big Swinger, 2006/2007

Also, the museum is home to some ecclectic artists of art history, like Max Klinger, who painted a pissing skeleton! Anyone, anyone?

Max Klinger, 'Der Pinelden Tod', 1880

Close Up of Max Klinger, 'Der Pinelden Tod', 1880

Der Pinelden Tod means 'Peeing Death', by the way.


The exterior of the Museum Der Bildenden Kunste, in Leipzig

Museum Der Bildenden Kunste - Leipzig

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Studio --- The Boston Attic

There's nothing like a little space again to work on taking over the world again, yeeeeeessssss!
Watch out world!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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DIAZ Art Foundation - RSDI Art Museum

Kristin Baker - A Painter, A Studio and A Document

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