Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hello everyone,

So excited that everyone is diving into letting paint work its way through looking at nature and working through layers of paint.

What I would next like to direct everyone toward is a way of translating an image into a palette of color.  I want everyone to bring at least one picture of a person, self or else, a tree or something you would like to see transform.

Using this as a starting point we will use simple shapes such as squares, triangles or circles in a grid formation format to make our pictures.  We will be inspired by Paul Klee and here is his example.

Paul Klee, Ancient Harmony-no 236, 1925

Bring a paper to sketch with as that will be necessary to think out the process - our color placement will be approximate but we will change and improvise for the sake of our composition.

more Klee: LINK

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