Sunday, July 24, 2011

Building With Myth

At this point, this blog will be both retrospective and current, mixing my experiences of the past year with what I've been doing this summer.  These are rock formations found at the summit of Beallach na Ba (The Pass of the Cattle) located in the Applecross peninsula of the Scottish Highlands.  It is reached by taking a narrow one lane road from Loch Kishorn rising from sea level to a summit of 2100.  I am still unsure of distinct reasons behind the stacking the rocks.  I think we can all feel the spiritual desire that results in such a totem.  I am intrigued by the mystery that lies behind their individual stories, and somehow they just feel right in a place so far from your typical walk in life.  You can see as far as the Isle of Skye from this place, and that is about as mythic as it gets in being inspired by landscape.

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