Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hello All --- Last week was great way to re-interpret our drawings from a model to create all-over abstractions.  The processes were different and varied and it will be great to build on these creations into this week.  

You should use your creation to spur new works from these compositions.  I want you to re-translate these into new works.  You can crop to details of works or look at the entire composition for inspirations.  I will ask you to change/invert the color to alter these into new works.  

Perhaps you had some undone work/unused drawings and we can use the extra time of this session to keep in this view of constructed abstract paintings.

Here's Franz Kline, he liked to make his paintings from sections of his drawings, blown up to the scale of large paintings and I would like to add his work to DeKooning's for inspiration in this vein:

Franz Kline

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