Thursday, January 21, 2016



We will have a Model this week for our class.
Bring materials (a pad of good paper) to work with to draw and paint from the Model in short to medium length poses - and you can paint directly to a canvas as well.

We will be using gesture, that is movement in our tools,
to capture the forms of what we see.
Very useful with the Model - hence the introduction at this time.
Keep in mind this will be about process and not replicating the figure.
We will make images this week that will feed into a process for the following week.
I will bring a bottle for everyone to involve drip trailing with paint to experiment with in our gesture painting.

Here are some images of gestural and figurative painting to inspire a direction this week:

Williem de Kooning, Pink Angels, 1950

David Park
Cecily Brown

Williem de Kooning: LINK
David Park: LINK
Cecily Brown: LINK

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