Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Welcome back after our Columbus Day hiatus - Last week's use of our palettes was a good start at creating a process of color choice for ourselves.  This week I would like to introduce you to:


Any good painter wants to know about his process of abstracting trees and forms into simpler lines and forms.  I have made a blog post showing his trees and subjects transforming into shape and pattern.  His process allowed him to start working with shapes and the grid in pure abstract terms – he took inspiration from nature and life to find line, shape and space in abstract space.  Using his transformation and editing methods are all things I think we can all benefit from.  

I will have books on hand of his work at class.  If you would like to work with sketches to develop a bigger work using his method or rather dive into a canvas and work out the process all there is your choice.  You can use a photo of a tree or subject to gain a point of departure.  You can see he approached landscapes and portraits and still life in the same way.

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