Monday, December 9, 2013

WAYNE STOKES - Studio Visit

Wayne Stokes, installation of works, 2013

BR: What is the relationship of dichotomy in your work? 
WS: Dichotomy seems so black and white. A concept that I think about in relation to my work is ambivalence which is about simultaneously having conflicting ideas and emotions about abstraction or representation, for instance.

BR: The material abstractions seem to inspire multiple rendered representations of the original abstraction, leading to new possibilities, could you speak about that? 
WS: The material process of applying the metallic foil is more of a distanced, hands off approach of making a painting. Then there are photos of the piece, the successive printouts and scans, the repainting the picture from those various sources. The "abstract" canvases go towards "representation" and vice versa. Once the process is in motion it can't be stilled, it isn't one thing. 

Wayne Stokes, installation of works, 2013

BR: What is your relationship to the flash and its painted form?
WS: The flash changes the appearance of the image on its own.  It is a form of visual feedback.  We are looking at pictures of pictures.

BR: How do you view these works as a series?  Does one image beget the next, and if so how are you making those decisions? 
WS: Yes one image is filtered through these different processes I mentioned above (photographing, printing, scanning, etc...) and informs the next. 


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