Thursday, February 26, 2015


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As we develop our personal visions through painting I want to emphasize how sketching is so very useful to process a beginning, direction or composition.  It allows us to be carefree and experimental with our material, and when it comes to Abstraction, it helps make it something we can believe in once we've invested ourselves in the development of the shapes we are using.

I am going to use my own process here as an example of how beginnings can be developed through sketches and realized into larger pieces.  I make mixed-media collages out of paint, colored paper and printed off photographs as one way of working and here are two of these collages.  I don't think too hard about them and make quite a few and select ones that I think I can play with on a bigger scale.  I will give you some mystery to the outcome and bring the two resulting paintings with me – and you can ask questions about the process and determine how this might apply to your own paintings and process.  See you in class.

Brent Ridge, Untitled (BR12-319), 2012

Brent Ridge, Untitled (BR12-320), 2012

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