Friday, February 20, 2015


Hello all, 
Last week was an awesome start to our class, and hopefully the big snow is now behind us as last!

This week we want to continue our journeys and start to work through our abstract processes.

I want to emphasize painting images with layers.  It will help build interesting surfaces and make new surprises for you in your discoveries through painting – you can use images if you like or work with the line, circle and squiggle to form a composition strategy.  One thing I want to emphasize is we want to take these works through a process of transformation - and that means to listen to the painting and let go of predetermined ideas.  Bring more than one surface to work on at a time, and at least one of a bigger size like 18" x 24".  You want some surface to explore (canvas, paper, board or found).

I want to introduce you to Thomas Nozkowski, he is a pioneer of the contemporary movement of process painting.  He works on paintings through many layers to develop his works using fragments of many things, among them geometric shapes, landscape formats and figurative fragments.  Enjoy.

Thomas Nozkowski


Thomas Nozkowski

Thomas Nozkowski

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