Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Etching Workshop @ FINE ARTS WORK CENTER, Provincetown

There it is (Fine Arts Work Center), all bathed in sunlight on this sandy patch of earth

Getting started

My work space, in construction of 'films' to be used for the photo etching process

Finished 'films' with some monoprint/collages I brought along

James Straud, the master printer inking my plate, thanks!

James Straud printing my plate


Me (Brent Ridge) doing my best act of a being a real printmaker

Me (Brent Ridge) doing my best to crank this press

Here's one plate run through with black intaglio and orange ink roll-over

Here's the second plate run over the same print with black intaglio ink

Robert Mother's former studio etching press at the Fine Arts Work Center

Open Studio for the Fine Arts Work Center, and prints from all the etching students is up to show off

Brent Ridge, Leah Wong, and Sarah Laurie (left to right) prints displayed for open studio

My three prints

Brent Ridge

Brent Ridge

Brent Ridge

Back at the press with a 3-color plate

Brent Ridge

Rolling out a gradient for a roll-over technique

Gradient roll-over with black intaglio ink

Gradient roll over technique with 2 plates, one in green intaglio ink and the other in black intaglio ink

James Straud with Brent Ridge at an art opening at the Fine Arts Work Center, at the end of the workshop week


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