Thursday, September 25, 2014


Triangle, Circle, Squiggle, Square

This week: Lets try putting simple shapes together to make a complex arrangement.  This is great for understanding abstraction, process and composition, and best of all --- letting go.

Start with one element and add another until your space is full (choose Triangles, Circles, Squiggles or Squares).  Use the spaces created by the overlapping lines as places to fill with color.  As it develops you can change the shapes to be less or more.  You will want white and black to tint your color as you work – You will want your sketchbook to experiment with this strategy – You will want to look at my Chuck Webster post after the jump as an example of what a finished painting could look like using this geometric strategy to an abstract image.  I did my examples in pen; you may use charcoal or paint or marker to develop in your sketchbooks and on the surface of your paintings.

Triangle, Circle, Squiggle, Square = Combined

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