Saturday, August 16, 2014

IAN HAMILTON FINLAY: Arcadian Revolutionary and Avant-Guarde Gardner @ deCordova Museum

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Sol Revertit, 1985

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Arcadia, 1973

Ian Hamilton Finlay,  Apollo/Saint Just after Bernini (detail), 1985-2003

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Apollo/Saint Just after Bernini, 1985-2003

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Wildflower Vase, 1986

Ian Hamilton Finlay, The Medium is the Message, 1987

Ian Hamilton Finlay, After Magritte (with Gary Hincks), 1991

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tambour (drum), 1985

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Honey Was The Best Gasoline of Antiquity, 1996/2014

Ian Hamilton Finlay, The Honey, n. The First Sweetness, 1996/2014

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